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    Share corgis with friends! Our Corgimoji sticker pack includes OVER 80 corgi stickers featuring our original artwork (some are even animated!).



    These stickers are so cute! Who doesn't love adorable corgis doing fun things like eating pizza or loafing around. I love that they added Christmas, New Years, spring, graduation, and summer ones too. Please keep the corgis coming. I love sending these to people. - MoMontG

    Worth it!

    Super adorable! I look forward to the updated additions, which makes it worth the buy. Any excuse to send a corgi sticker! Graduation, summer pool time, holidays, you name it, there's probably a corgi sticker to go with it! - lhigbee

    Best $2 I ever spent

    Every time I use one of these, the recipient wants to know where it came from because they are so darned cute. If you are a corgi-lover, you will see that these perfectly capture the look, personality and charm of corgis. I LOVE them. - thisismylastattempt

    Cute Corgi Emojis

    I love all the emojis. They reflect our little corgis personalities so well! The update allows you to send them through text, which is awesome because everyone knows I'm obsessed with corgis and I love sending them with messages! - Allie Bartholomeus


    Why do I have to pay $1.99USD?
    Is there a Tricolor version?
    How do I use the sticker app for iOS?
    How do I use the sticker app for Android?