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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    easily modified to make a cardigan welsh corgi

    I absolutely love the shape of these cutters -- with a simple modification! I used tin snips to alter them so that the tail space can be cut freestyle. So now the cutters work to make cardigans that look like my Wolfgang, or pembrokes that look like his BFF, Remi. The sploot is my favorite of the three. The pose is so typical of corgis, and it's also just the right size to slide into a 4" x 6" clear cellophane bag to give as take-home party favors. My cookies did expand quite a bit due to the humidity on the day I baked them, but it was still relatively easy to follow the illustrations on corgithings to decorate them to make the absolute cutest cookies of all time.

    Super cute

    The cookie cutters are super cute!

    Jennifer M0
    Cute and bigger than expected

    These cutters are so cute and good quality! They were bigger than i expected them to be, but a big cookie is a good thing.

    So cute

    They are great for sugar cutout cookies and gingerbread cookies, the front facing corgi is a little bigger than the other two corgis but bigger is better I guess, would highly recommend if you love corgis and cookies

    Danielle Maxwell
    Get a cookie cutter and have oodles of fun.

    These adorable corgi cookie cutters are a corgi lover must have in the kitchen. Not only can they make corgi cookie shapes with ease, but you can use them for pancakes and even Jello shapes for fun. Wonderful for little humans who want to help as the size is a little bigger then a typical cookie cutter which works in their favor. Overall, best purchase ever!