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    Corgi filter

    This was great for my wedding. My husband and I love corgis and have two so it was a fun touch for the wedding. It was great that we could pick the color of corgis also.

    Great Filter! Why would you not want a Corgi Filter on your Big Day!?!

    This review is for the folks out there debating on buying this. Do it now! Seriously, of all the things you will spend money on in the coming days of your wedding, this will bring the most bang for the buck. You can even do it as a gift that shows you care about your spouse's love of corgis, you thought ahead, and its a really nice touch when you screen shot all your friend's snapchats the morning after. The top 4 comments I got from our guests at the wedding were (in order) 1. Congratulations! 2. She's so beautiful! 3. Looking sharp in the suit. 4. The snapchat filter is so awesome! How did you get that?!?!?

    The Corgi Things team is super helpful with what they are sending you and honestly uploading it to the Snapchat filter submission site is easy too. Just plan in the time for approval before your day arrives. To sum up, why are you still reading, PICK OUT YOUR THE CORGI COLORS AND BUY THE FILTER!!!!!!

    Everyone LOVED our filter!! Thank you so much

    Everyone LOVED our filter!! Thank you so much

    So adorable! Can't wait to have this at our wedding this...

    So adorable! Can't wait to have this at our wedding this year - hopefully we get some good shots of our corgi, Wasabi, with this filter! :)

    Review for Custom Wedding Corgi Snapchat Geofilter |...

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