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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    I'm bringing back the fanny pack

    I use it as a treat pocket, and strap it on as soon as I get home. Corgi training is tough...
    What can i say, I like it, would recommend.

    More than expected

    When I ordered the momo bag I honestly had no great expectations. I’d recently tossed one and of course needed what I’d just decided I never need one again.
    Anyway it’s capacity is much larger than expected, and a lot more comfortable.
    As an older hiker, And long distance walker, I like to take some things I need like ID, car/house keys, phone (music& camera) extra batt. And a couple other little things. This bag holds everything and fits comfortably.

    Corgi Fanny Pack amazing

    I honestly didn't think I would get a fanny pack in my adult life but this is probably the best purchases I've done. Has 3 pockets and they aren't sized too small.

    Very cute fanny pack

    I follow @corgithings religiously on Instagram, and needed a fanny pack for when I go to Cedar Point (an amusement park) in Ohio. The fanny pack is super cute and looks durable. I'm about a size 18, and it was a bit tight, but then I realized the extender that was promised was inside the fanny pack - I only needed to use a little bit of the extender, so if you are larger (sizes 20+) you'd probably be fine with 1 extender as well. Very cute product!

    BEST Fanny Pack!

    This review is long overdue! I got this fannypack back when CorgiThings first release them and I LOVE IT!
    I attended Coachella and EDC with this fanny pack and gots lots of compliments!
    The front small zip pocket is perfect for lip balm, eyedrops, hair ties.
    I use the main big compartment for gum, wipes, and my phone. I have a Iphone XS MAX and it fits perfectly with plenty of room left for more items. The 3rd compartment is on the back (hidden). This has to be my favorite pocket because it's perfect for my keys and wallet/cash/credit cards. It ensures my values stay hidden from anyone that is trying to steal my things.
    Def recommend this fanny pack and the color blue is vibrant and super cute!
    If you love corgis and want to be hands-free of all your items then this is a MUST!