Connie Cheng

Owner, Product Designer & Crazy Person (aka MawMaw)

Connie is the owner and product designer for Corgi Things. Connie has suffered from OCD (Obsessive Corgi Disorder) for several years. Despite her friends and family’s recommendations, she has decided to opt out of treatment. Connie says one of the main symptoms of OCD is scouring the internet to find/buy all the corgi things and sharing them with her friends. One day she thought, “How corgtastic would it be if there was a giant corgi store for crazy corgi people like me?” and thus, Corgi Things was born.

Khuon Nguyen

Khuon - The Tech & Marketing Brain (aka PawPaw)

As of late, Khuon has not been diagnosed with OCD, but wholeheartedly supports his weirdo girlfriend.


Lucy - CCO (aka Chief Corgibutt Officer)

Lucy is a 10 year old corgi who was rescued in January 2013. Her MawMaw (Connie) thinks she was originally from Kentucky and likes to call her a little Southern Belle! Lucy enjoys accompanying MawMaw, snoopervising her every move and following her everywhere she goes. Lucy’s favorite toys are her Lucy Plush, Kong Tennis Ball, and anything that squeaks. She loves playing fetch, eating, and snuggling.

Erica Feld

Erica - Illustrator Extraordinaire 

Erica is the talented illustrator who helps us draw all of the cute corgis on our site! She is originally from Ohio and is currently a full time student majoring in Zoology. Erica has a corgi (of course) named Bunny! She's an integral part of our team and helps us capture all the quirky things we love about our corgis.