Waffles the Memory Foam Corgi, A New Kickstarter Campaign


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Waffles, Sherrill, and Andy!

My name is Sherrill Feng and I started a company called Memory Plush in December 2016 with my partner and partner, Andy Shaw. We are launching a Kickstarter for Memory Plush on 3/28 so please support us. We are both Juniors at The University of Texas at Austin with a love for entrepreneurship. We make adorable memory foam Corgi pillows that can be used for just about anything- travel, home, and lifestyle use. Our product is called Waffles the memory foam Corgi. He is made out of super soft, luxurious fur and has stitched eyes which are child safe because there are no loose parts. The memory foam interior is high quality and does not lose shape. Finally, there is a velcro opening on the exterior shell so that it can be removed from the memory foam and washed to ensure cleanliness.

I grew up loving animals so much that I had a gazillion stuffed animals at home. I tend to be a crafty, artistic person and actually had to learn how to sew fairly recently when making mockups of our plushes. I major in Urban Design, but I took a lot of art classes growing up. Andy also happened to own a lot of stuffed animals as a kid and both our interest in plush inspired us to start a business together around it. He majors in Management Information Systems and is a business fanatic, so he loves the idea of creating and innovating.

Pawfect for everything!

Andy and I decided to take a UT class together called Longhorn Startup Seminar in the fall semester of 2016. The class meets weekly and inspires students about entrepreneurship. One day, as we were walking home, we had the idea of making memory foam pillows in the shape of stuffed animals so that they could be versatile and not lose shape. After much brainstorming, we decided that a Corgi was a good animal to start with since they are adorable, a great shape to be used as a pillow, and fun/quirky. When we first met, we actually met one of Andy’s friends that owned a Corgi around the same day. As students, it’s hard to have pets, but we definitely want to have one in the future (like right after graduation :D).

Waffles has a lot of friends. 🙂
Can you resist this corgi butt?

When we designed Waffles the Corgi, we had an idea in mind that we mentioned to manufacturers in terms of quality, design, and pricing. I drew out a couple of designs for manufacturers and it was a back and forth negotiation process. Prototyping is offered by most manufacturers with payment involved so it’s best to have a visual representation ready. For the memory foam, we source that ourselves and ensure the quality. Manufacturing is a long process that requires a lot of research and communication.

A few Waffles sketches.

We plan on launching our Kickstarter in the next few weeks (hopefully around late March). We will be offering cool Memory Plush accessories and Wafflesthe Corgi at early adopter pricing at various quantities. There will be an amazing demo video, cool prizes, and more! Support our Kickstarter campaign by liking us on Facebook and following us on Instagram (@wafflescorgimp). Get Kickstarter updates at www.memoryplush.com

Follow Memory Plush: Memory Plush | Instagram Adopt a Waffles



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